Ice-cream to cure your hangover?

Ice-cream to cure your hangover?

South Korea, Asia's biggest per capita alcohol consumers, have released an ice-cream that cures hangovers.


Gone are the days when worrying about a hangover stopped people from drinking. With so many products on the market designed just to ease the symptoms of hangovers, many people can drink the night away without worrying.

Although many of the hangover remedies do not necessarily have added health benefits, one man from Dainfern, Johannesburg is changing that. Teboho Twala is the man behind the Zero Hangover drink. According to fourwaysreview, Twala claims his drink got the thumbs up from doctors as it not only cures a hangover, but improves blood concentration and it also protects the liver.

Still on groundbreaking hangover cures, retailers in South Korean have released an ice-cream that helps cure hangovers. The Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to “hang in there”, is made of oriental raisin tree fruit extract, which has been used in Korean hangover cures since the 17th century, reports. The ice-cream was reportedly released on Friday in a chain of South Korean convenience stores.

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