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Let this nine-year-old teach you how to fight like a girl

Young Kira Makogonenko is already showing great promise as a professional boxer. 

kira boxing
Youtube/Barcroft TV

Kira Makogonenko may be petite, but she is a crafty fighter. 

On most days, Kira trains with her father, Artem, for five hours. Artem says Kira began to show incredible promise in her training within just one month. Kira herself, who has become known as the "Pink Panther", feels confident that she will be able to have a very successful career in boxing. 

Kira fights with determination and discipline, and while she definitely celebrates her victories, she is not a boastful winner.
She believes her consistent training is what helped her to win five fights against boys. 

Kira plans to go on to compete in boxing at the Olympics, and win that title several times. 

With this much ambition, skill, and determination, Kira is certainly a perfect embodiment of the saying "fight like a girl".

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