Lion climbs into safari vehicle full of people!

Lions in Crimea get very friendly on safari

A small group on a drive through Taigan Safari Park in Crimea ended up with some friendly lions right in their laps.

lions in crimea
YouTube screenshot/ODN

Everyone who goes on a game drive or visits a sanctuary hopes to get close enough to wild animals to at least take a picture. After guides give instructions and warnings about getting too close to or attempting to touch animals such as elephants, leopards or lions, no one would expect to get so much as a handshake from the animals. 

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A group of animal lovers on a visit to the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea got this and much more when a lion jumped into their vehicle and looked as if it wanted to sit on the people's laps. 

The lion jumps up into the seats and, instead of lashing out at the passengers, was "playful", appearing only to "want some attention from the adoring tourists".

The lion cuddles with one of the passengers and licks the face of another.

The owner of Taigan Safari Park, Oleg Zubkov, often lets visitors to the park get very close to the lions. Oleg "has a remarkable record and insists that tourists are safe if they follow his advice".

He stays close by to make sure that no one is hurt, though f course he can't guarantee that all lions will be as friendly as this one was. 

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