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Lions oust young males from pride after killing zebra

This is one of the best displays of nature that we've ever seen!

Lion pride on the hunt turns extremely territoral

The video of the kill was caught on camera by Rodney Nombekana, a safari guide at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

Rodney told that he and a few guests were making their way around the game reserve when they spotted the pride of lions.

The video shows one of the lionesses closing in on a zebra and managing to take it down.

Once the killing was done, other members of the pride can be seen making their way to feast on the prey.

But something amazing happens. According to, two young males, who were members of the pride, were at the age where they need to be ousted from the pride, which is something that is hardly ever caught on camera!

Rodney mentioned that it was truly a spectacular thing to watch and that he was fortunate to have caught the rare event on camera.

Nature is truly amazing!

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