This little girl thinks Santa Claus is a scammer
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This little girl thinks Santa Claus is a scammer

An old man who sits up at the north pole alone, writing your name on some weird list? Oh, please. 

mila vs santa screenshot

Many of us have started shopping for Christmas presents, and along with deciding what to buy for our kids, there is also one other concern: when will they be old enough to know who Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) really is?

Spokesperson for all skeptical toddlers of the world, Mila Stauffer, is here to tell you exactly what she thinks of Santa Claus:

Mila questions the lyrics of the popular Christmas song 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town', saying that the man's standards are much too high if he seriously expects children to not shout or cry. 

But Mila puts a little disclaimer at the end: "Santa, if you're watching this, no offence". Because she still wants to make sure she gets something good under the Christmas tree this year!

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