Lucky lizard is saved from a pool filter just in time

Lucky lizard is saved from a pool filter just in time

A man in Arizona discovered a lizard stuck in his pool filter. He immediately sprang into action to save it. 

lizard in pool filter
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If you live in Arizona, it is not unusual to see a lizard or two scurrying around in your backyard. But if you go out to clean your pool and find one stuck in the filter, then you have a problem. 

When Patrick Halbe saw a plump reptile clinging to the inside of the pool, he immediately hatched a plan to set the animal free. 

Patrick spent minutes trying to ease the lizard out of the hole in the filter with the only tool he had nearby, a screwdriver. Patrick was as gentle as he could be while also making sure to warn his dog (who is named Sunshine) not to come anywhere near the poor lizard and cause it more distress. 

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The man is so dedicated to setting the animal free that he is even willing to try and save the lizard even though he doesn't know how it will react to him. Patrick lightheartedly tells the lizard: "No biting, OK?"

The lizard, for its part, looked tired and helpless the entire time Patrick was helping it out of the filter.

Eventually, Patrick frees the lizard from the filter and proceeds to carry it over to an opening in his house's fence so that it can "run away and be free".

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