Man spends £6,000 on dead neighbour's credit card

Man spends £6,000 on dead neighbour's credit card

UK man Robert Sharkey stole his deceased neighbour's credit card and used it to pay his bills.

man breaks into house
The bad neighbour broke in to steal the deceased's card./Pixabay/The Digital Way

Your neighbours are the people who you should be able to call on in an emergency, the ones who can alert your family if you need any help.

This was not the case for Marie Conlon, a senior citizen living in Larkspur Rise, Northern Ireland. When she died in 2015, all her neighbour could think to do was to steal her credit card.

Robert Sharkey, now 24, did not alert anyone about Marie's death, which was only discovered two years later in October 2017.

In that time, Robert saw fit to break into Marie's house and steal "tools, batteries, a coffee mug...£50 in cash and her First Trust debit card". In the two years in which Robert had the card, he spent nearly £6,000 on Domino's Pizza and thousands more on miscellaneous grocery items at Sainsbury's.

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At a hearing in front of the Belfast Crown Court, Robert pleaded guilty to charges of "preventing the lawful burial of a corpse".

He has been released on continuing bail. 

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