Man suffers a heart attack as teens rob store
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Man suffers a heart attack as teens rob store

Two teenagers in Auburn, Washington took advantage of a store clerk's heart attack.

clerk suffers heart attack during robbery
The man had a seizure while confronting the patrons./Facebook screenshot/Auburn WA Police Department

Surveillance footage of a convenience store in Auburn, Washington shows three male patrons entering the store. One of the younger males picks up a food item from the shelf and takes a bite of it, offering it to his companion.

As the older man attempts to pay, it appears the clerk wants to charge him for the teenagers' fare as well. The clerk then moves out from behind his counter to confront the two. He is waving a dollar bill in his hands and the teens are quietly watching him argue when, as the clerk attempts to turn back to his counter, he has what appears to be a seizure and crashes into a nearby shelf. 

The following footage might be disturbing to sensitive viewers. 

The man hits the ground and the teens only hesitate for a second before walking out of the store, leaving him on the ground. 

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The Auburn Police Department reports that the teens decided to take advantage of the situation: "While the clerk is on the ground unconscious, the two teenage males exit and enter the store a couple of times stealing merchandise and taking all the money from the cash register."

The clerk, identified as Zarif Kelada, had suffered a heart attack but has since received treatment. A patron unrelated to the incident walked in after the boys had left and immediately called for an ambulance. 

The teens have been identified but have not yet been apprehended

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