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Manchester City receive backlash for awkward celebration video

Manchester City have just been crowned winners of the Premier League, but not everyone is impressed with how the team marked their moment of glory.

What do you do when your team unexpectedly wins one of the biggest leagues in football? Go all out with your celebrations, of course!

For Manchester City, who on Sunday were crowned winners of the Premier League, celebrating meant putting on a song and dance. 

A video in which the team can be seen singing a repurposed version of the popular children's song "If You're Happy and You Know It" has since made the rounds on social media. It has left football fans - including many of City's own fans - utterly confused. 

People cannot understand why the team would think that this awkward remix of a nursery rhyme would be appropriate for the celebration?

But perhaps fans can cut Manchester City some slack as this video, posted by their sponsors, may not have been their idea entirely. 

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