Newlyweds trade first dance for bizarre lightsaber duel

Newlyweds trade first dance for bizarre lightsaber duel

This is either completely ridiculous or incredibly fantastic!

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If there is one thing that we know for sure, it's that first dances at weddings are one of the highlights of the day. 

For one couple, they decided to ditch their first dance and partake in a more 'unique' activity. If you're a fan of the world-wide phenomenon called 'Star Wars', then you will appreciate this. 

A couple ditched the classic first dance and decided to rather battle it out in a 'Star Wars'-themed galactic lightsaber duel that entertained the crowd of family and friends. We have all seen videos of special first dances, but never have we seen anything like this!

The couple revealed their red and blue lightsabers, but before clashing, they gave each other the 'death-stare'. The very different first dance has been shared thousands of times, proving that the internet loves these two. 

Watch the unique 'dance' below:

Have you witnessed a bizarre first dance at a wedding?

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