Girl uses yoga skill to apply eyeliner using knife

Nimble teen uses yoga skills to apply eyeliner with a knife

This young girl’s talent is definitely one of a kind.

Knife to apply eyeliner

Fourteen-year-old Anamika Kothari from India has an incredible skill of using a knife to apply her eyeliner. As if that isn’t amazing enough, she can even use her knee to hold onto the blade before she dips it into the black kajal to apply the eyeliner.

She told Mirror that she discovered the skill after she “saw something similar online. So I adapted it a little and came up with this stunt. It was risky at first but I took it slow. Now it’s fun."

The teen girl has even appeared on India's Got Talent.

Anamika, who is a yoga fanatic, added that she is looking at coming up with more tricks.

 "I never wanted to be famous but I love performing tricks now. It’s a real buzz doing this trick. I want to keep pushing myself and perform lots of challenging yoga positions."

Below is the video of Anamika using her yoga skills to apply the eyeliner. As amazing as this is, please don’t try it at home.

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