Outsized cow is 'too big' to slaughter

Outsized cow is 'too big' to slaughter

A cow weighing over one ton has become a celebrity overnight in Australia. 

giant steer
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A steer named Knickers is reportedly as tall as Michael Jordan. Standing at 194cm, Knickers the Holstein Friesian may just be the biggest ever bovine in Western Australia. 

Knickers was initially bought to lead around other cows on the feedlot, who are much smaller than he is at an average height of 110cm. 

Geoff Pearson, the owner of the steer, says that he tried to sell Knickers for meat but no one would have him: "meat processors said they simply couldn't handle him". At 1,400kg, Knickers is just too big for the abattoir. 

Holstein Friesians do grow larger than the average Wagyu, but there is something else that makes Knickers' size extraordinary. At the age of seven, he has lived longer than the average steer, which would usually be slaughtered for meat. 

People reacted with shock and amusement to news of Australia's giant cow.

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