Parakeet hilariously mimics owners hissing sounds

Parakeet hilariously mimics owners hissing sounds

Some parakeets love their owners so much that they even imitate them. 

parakeet hissing sound

Parakeets and parrots are known for the playful ways of mimicking and imitating their owners, especially when it comes to sounds. 

This time around a colourful parakeet known as the Rainbow Lorikeet has become the latest internet sensation. The parakeet is able to skillfully imitate its owner by hissing. 

In the hilarious video that is bound to make you laugh, the owner starts to hiss and immediately the bird knows exactly what to do. Not only is their timing on point, they are super cute and incredibly entertaining. 

There is no doubt that you will be watching this over and over! 

Do you have a parrot and can imitate amazing sounds or words? Send us a video. Tweet it to @jacarandafm. 

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