Parenting tips from a mother hen

Parenting tips from a mother hen

A mother hen in India was spotted shielding her babies from the rain using her own body.

mother hen in india
Twitter screenshot/The Dodo

It is often the small moments in the daily lives of animals that contain the most magic. That's what people in Visakhapatnam, India learned once again when, on a rainy day, they spotted a mother hen and her five chicks braving the rain together

Using both her wings to cover her babies' bodies, the hen stood in the rain and made sure that none of her precious offspring was hit too badly in the storm.

The mother's instinctive need to protect her children from the bad weather inspired people to think about how far they would go for their own children.

While some pointed out that the person filming the video should have tried to provide shelter, others warned that hens do not like to be approached. 

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The hen's behaviour was a reminder of the love and sacrifice that comes with motherhood. 

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