Pensioner labelled a 'Scrooge' over Christmas lights

Pensioner labelled a 'Scrooge' over Christmas lights

A pensioner in Yorkshire, England has been called a Scrooge because of how he is standing in the way of the villagers' Christmas celebrations. 

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Keith Berrington, a retired building surveyor living in Cherry Burton in Yorkshire, has become to subject of residents' ire after standing in the way of the annual Christmas lights display. 
Berrington's home is next to the pond where the display is held and it is a power box on his property that would help light up the lanes. 

Berrington refused to let the villagers connect the lights to the power box because he feared that he would be held liable in the event of electrocution. Berrington says there is no insurance against such an incident, adding that in previous years the people were able to use an alternative power source. Villagers have accused him of being a Scrooge who is standing in the way of Christmas. 

Berrington has been involved in a dispute with the parish council about the boundaries of his land and the relocation of the power box. He maintains that he is not "stealing Christmas" and only wants to make sure everyone is safe. 
Berrington adds that "as far as [he is] concerned there’s no reason why the lights should not go up", and says it is unfair that the villagers are choosing to show him in a bad light over the incident. 

The villagers have had one year, since the last Christmas display, to organise an alternative power source. On the community's Facebook page, some support Berrington even while others continue to insult him for "not having Christmas spirit". 

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