This photo proves Mariah Carey is the queen of Christmas

People lost their minds when Mariah Carey sat on an invisible chair

After seeing this picture, you have to ask yourself: is Mariah Carey some sort of magician?

mariah sits on stage
Twitter/Mariah Carey Italia

Mariah Carey is a super-talented singer/songwriter who is always gracious with her fans. 

Those who attended the AHF World Aids Day concert in Los Angeles recently were lucky enough to have their albums and pictures autographed by Mariah during the show. 

One fan captured the special moment, and revealed something incredible about Mariah in the process:

At first glance, it looks like Mariah is perched on a stool while she attends to the adoring crowd. But then she stands up, and there is nothing left behind her!

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How was she "sitting" so steadily and managing to sign autographs if there was no chair at all?

Clearly, this is just more proof that Mariah has superpowers, and that they are only enhanced over the Christmas season (when many will replay her iconic 1994 Christmas album, Merry Christmas).

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Or was she able to squat gracefully like this because she is a consummate diva who has mastered the art of doing almost anything in glamorous heels?

Howeve she managed to do it, we can all agree that this is a very Mariah Carey thing to do. 

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