Post office demands ID, signature from boxer pup

Post office demands ID, signature from boxer pup

Chaya Palmgren learned the hard way that post office rules apply to everyone - dogs included. 

boxer dog on grass
The boxer dog followed the post office rules with no question./Pexels/Jackson Jorvan

Everyone loves to receive a package from the post office. It feels like a special occasion and not knowing what you're getting makes the experience thrilling. This is a feeling that someone wanted to share with Chaya Palmgren, a boxerweiler living in Sweden with her human mom Marie. 

A friend from outside the country sent a toy to Chaya in the mail, not expecting that there would be any problems with delivering the package. But one should never underestimate the post office's capacity to use bureaucracy in every possible situation. 

Marie received a notification that a package had arrived addressed to Chaya Palmgren and went to receive it. When she arrived at the post office she was told that the package could only be collected by the individual it was addressed to - regardless of whether that is an animal or a human being. 

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Marie was incredulous and says she had a good laugh about the incident. The post office staff, on the other hand, remained completely serious: "I was totally flabbergasted. When I reached the car, I laughed so much that I got a pain in my stomach."

They asked Marie to provide Chaya's ID and to bring her to sign for the parcel. 

It was only after Chaya placed an inked paw on the slip that she was allowed to take her toy home with her. 

You may joke about your pets being a big part of your family and give them your surname to cement the bond, but be careful: don't let people put your dog's full name on packages that could potentially get lost in the mail. 

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