Scientists can tell how many children you will have

Scientists can tell how many children you will have

Great news for women who were thinking about starting a family and wondering just how many children they will have – the answer is in your DNA.


Scientists claim they can now tell how many children you are likely going to have based on your DNA. In a ground-breaking invention, scientists from the University of Oxford identified areas in a woman’s DNA that can determine how many children she is likely to have. A great step in helping doctors when advising women on when they can start thinking about having children.

“Scientist looked at twelve areas in our DNA have located twelve areas of DNA that can have an influence on reproductive behavior, including when women decide to have their first baby and how many children they are likely to have,” Dr. Mallika Marshall told CBS.

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But this of course does not override personal choices or social and environmental factors, and how fertile your male partner is.

See more about the ground-breaking discovery in the below video...

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