Security guard beaten, police car vandalised at Paul Walker tribute
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Security guard beaten, police car vandalised at Paul Walker tribute

Revellers at a recent tribute for the late Fast & Furious star in California were caught in a violent dust-up with local authorities. 

car performs doughnuts
The drag racing event devolved into chaos./Pixabay/Life-Of-Pix

A crowd of Fast & Furious fans looking to pay their respects to the late Paul Walker by remembering his role in the racing movie franchise organised a meetup for car enthusiasts in West Covina, California. 

The crowd gathered in the parking lots outside a Best Buy and a Home Depot where "cars at the sideshow were spinning out and doing donuts [sic] in the parking lot" to mark what would have been Paul Walker's 45th birthday. Before long, the crowd got out of control and security guards stepped in. The confrontation quickly became physical. 

Several riled up revellers push back at the security guard and later one man jumps up onto the bonnet of a police car and stomps on it repeatedly. 

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It is not clear what provoked the chaos, but people who are accustomed to attending similar racing meetups are adamant that the gatherings are usually much more dignified than this.

The West Covina Police Department is looking for information to help their investigation into felony vandalism and assault and battery charges. 

Image courtesy of Life-Of-Pix.

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