Selena Gomez crumples fan’s “Will You Marry Justin?” sign

Selena Gomez crumples fan’s “Marry Justin Please?” sign

Selena Gomez is done with Justin Bieber.

Bieber and Selena

For those who were hoping to see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber tie the knot, don't hold your breath.

It seems despite the couple’s on and off relationship, some of their fans were still hoping the two would marry each other.

But unfortunately, the disappointing news is that Selena Gomez has made it crystal clear that she and Justin Bieber will not be getting married.

The revelation was made during Selena’s recent tour in California on Sunday evening.

As thousands of fans gathered for the star's "Revival Tour" at Fresno, amongst them was one fan who really wanted to see the Love You Like A Love Song hitmaker and Bieber tie the knot, but unfortunately for her, it wasn’t to be.

The fan had a sign written “Marry Justin Please”.

Sadly for her, Selena took the sign, crumpled it and threw it to the ground. Ouch.

"She didn't mention anything after. I got my paper back though. It wasn't meant to be mean," the fan told E! News.

The good news is Selena’s actions did not ruin the show for the fan. She told reporters that she enjoyed the show despite the rejection.

"I love Selena and Justin, and love them together as well. It was the second to the last song that it happened. She put on a great show though," the fan told the publication.

Bieber and Selena first got together 2011, but things haven’t been going smoothly for them.

Their relationship has been coupled with a lot of break-ups and make-ups, but it seems this time around, the break-up is here to stay.

Watch Selena crumpling the fan’s “Marry Justin Please” sign.

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