Silly robber passes out during robbery

Silly robber passes out during robbery

This is one of the weirdest robberies we have ever witnessed!


According to Times Live, some dude decided to rob a house in Pretoria, but he was so drunk that he passed out during the robbery. How silly?!

The guy allegedly wanted to steal a Macbook and a music gear.

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“Probably one of the more weird things that has happened in my life. We go out for dinner, come home and the gate is ripped out of the wall, first thing i think is Cheers Macbook & All my music gear... get to my room and the burglar is passed out on my bed, right next to where i left my Macbok... i try to wake him but he just wants to sleep,” the victim, Deon Roos, wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately for Roos’ family, police managed to arrive on the scene before the robber could wake up. “Eventually the Cops woke him up with pepper spray after he kicked them a few times! He is locked up now, and nothing was taken,” Roos added.

We do hope that he has learned that crime does not pay.

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