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Six miraculously survive Linden car crash

Six people survived a car crash near a Linden bus stop. The graphic footage below tells their story.

bmw crash
Facebook/Suburban Control Centre

It is incredibly important to drive safely on the roads, as an accident could occur at any time. 

Residents of Linden, Johannesburg experienced this firsthand when two cars collided near a bus stop and injured six people.

The footage below, posted on the Suburban Control Centre Facebook page, shows the impact that caused the accident. Two cars speed into a nearby structure. The second car flips 360 degrees in the air before coming to a stop. 

Remarkably, the woman who was thrown out of the vehicle appears unharmed, while another, presumably the driver, manages to exit the car through its sunroof. 

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According to local news reports, emergency service personnel treated five survivors for 'minor to moderate' injuries and transported one seriously injured person to a nearby hospital. 

The crash was caused by the driver of the BMW skipping a red light at high speed. It is believed that the four occupants of the black BMW were all under the influence of alcohol.

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