Sixteen dogs and a ring make up this perfect proposal

Sixteen dogs and a ring make up this perfect proposal

Laura Stampler couldn't help but say yes to getting married when her partner presented her not only with a ring but with a number of happy, bouncing puppies as well. 

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Maurice Goldstein knows that his partner Laura Stampler loves dogs. She loves them so much, in fact, that she incorporates them into her work: she has written a book called Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies, in which dogs get into all sorts of hijinks. Stampler and Goldstein started dating four years ago after a small Tinder-related mix-up.

Now they are taking the next step in a fashion that suits them. They were on a popular hiking trail (to suit Goldstein's interests) and surrounded by sixteen therapy dogs.

Stampler was confused about Goldstein asking her to take a walk in the middle of a meeting, but as soon as she saw the acapella singers and the rose petals the joy shone on her face. Once the dogs came out, Stampler was beside herself. 

As soon as the dogs came bounding around them Stampler began crying, trying to cuddle as many of them as possible. 

The proposal contained many elements that mean the world to the couple, including a friend as the photgrapher to capture the moment and a ring featuring the stone that Stampler's grandfather first gave to her grandfather.

Proposals that include this many contributors are likely to go wrong but fortunately for this couple, the dogs only added oodles more joy to the moment.

Image: Laura Stampler

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