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Sophisti-cats: Artsy felines famous for camping outside Japanese museum

The Onomichi Museum in Japan has two very frequent feline visitors who love to enjoy the exhibitions. 

museum cats
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Two cats named Ken-chan and Go-chan often camp out in front of Japan's Onomichi Museum, trying to get a glimpse inside. And it's not because they are begging for food: they are interested in the art.

Since 2016's Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition, Ken-chan and Go-chan have been trying to enter the museum for a closer look at the pictures of their feline friends.

The museum's curator believes the cats are convinced their friends may be trapped inside: "I’m guessing that Ken-chan spotted some of the exhibits through the glass, and since the photos included those of black cats, he must have thought he had found a new friend. And then he just kept coming back."

Security guards at the museum spend most of their days chasing Ken-chan and Go-chan away. And not because they have anything against their kind - they just can't make any exceptions to the rules: if you don't have a ticket, you can't see the exhibition!

The cats have become famous and have many fans online who root for them to one day be allowed to enter the Onomichi museum. 

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