Stray cat struts its stuff during fashion show

Stray cat struts its stuff during fashion show

Models in an Istanbul fashion show had to share the catwalk with the beloved animal it is named after.

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If you've ever asked yourself why it's called a "catwalk" when there are never any cats on it, you'll love this footage from the Vakko ESMOD International fashion show in Istanbul.

While models made their way up and down the catwalk, showing off the Turkish design house's outfits, their show was interrupted by the best kind of gatecrasher.

The cat, totally unaware that it had just walked right into the middle of a fashion show, rolls on the ground, trying to get the attention of the models. The women maintain an air of professionalism, sidestepping the feline as they take their laps on the runway. One of the models does appear to be holding in a giggle as she walks past the cat, but the show carries on as normal for the most part. 

The stray eventually takes its own walk down the ramp, putting a perfect ending to an otherwise sombre fashion show. 

The audience did not seem too impressed with the cat's efforts, but the designer joked good naturedly that the cat looked like a true professional that could fit into any fashion week show.

Image: hknylcn

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