Toddler falls off moving van

Toddler falls out off a moving van

One of the worst things that could ever happen when travelling with a child is to have them fall out of the car, and this grandparent’s worst fears became a reality when his grandchild fell from the back of a van.

toddler falls off van

In a video posted on Facebook, the trunk of a minivan can be seen opening and the toddler tumbling out. After falling, the toddler can be seen running after the van.

What’s even more sad is, according to the owner of the video, the grandparent did not even notice that the child had fallen out until moments later.

The owner of the video, who recorded from the dashboard of his car in Suzhou, China, thankfully managed to pick the toddler up from the street and give him back to his grandfather.

Below is the video...

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