Two banned from shooting range over a distasteful selfie

Two banned from shooting range over a distasteful selfie

Two men have been banned from the Top Gun Range in Houston, Texas after posing for photos with firearms.

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The pervasiveness of smartphones and their ever-growing number of apps means that almost every moment of the day can be turned into a photo opportunity. Most photos are harmless and serve as a reminder of life's most joyful moments. But others can be a sign of trouble. 

When Kyle Harrison, the manager of Top Gun Range in Houston, Texas, saw one man pointing an unloaded firearm at his friend's head as they both posed for a selfie, he was alarmed and immediately stepped in to address the situation. 

Footage from the shooting range shows a man pulling the gun out of the first friend's hand before bundling the pair off the premises. Harrison was shocked that the men, who had been informed of Top Gun Range's safety regulations beforehand, would behave in such an irresponsible manner. 

He added that while other patrons have violated the regulations before, this incident was the first of its kind: "I’ve never had anybody point a gun at their friend’s head before."

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