Two wild cats demonstrate the worst way to resolve workplace conflict

Two wild cats demonstrate the worst way to resolve workplace conflict

Two lynx in Ontario were caught having a rather immature confrontation. It turns out animals in the jungle have the same conflicts we humans do...

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When you are faced with a difficult decision at work, you do your best not to act hastily and say or do something you might regret. But what if your tormentor has been relentless, and you are just at the end of your tether?

Before you decide to throw caution to the wind and lose your temper, you may want to consider how awkward things will be in the office afterward. After all, you don't want anyone accusing you of behaving like a wild cat in the jungle...

Two lynx in Ontario, Canada were filmed in the midst of a very tense, very loud confrontation. The two cats stood face to face and shouted at each other.

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At one point, it looked as if the argument would turn physical.

But why would the lynx shout at each other like this? Why can't they just talk things through in a calm manner, like the HR department says you should?

According to wildlife experts, this is a normal way for the wild cats to deal with new or frustrating situations: "lynx tend to make this weird screechy noise in confrontations, particularly if it's the first meeting".

This is one instance where what happens in the wild should stay in the wild, because this is definitely not the kind of behaviour that would be tolerated in the workplace. 

Remember: just because you are loud, doesn't mean you are right.

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