Unbelievable moment baby whale breaches, lands on snorkeler

Unbelievable moment baby whale breaches, lands on snorkeler

This could have ended pretty badly for this excited snorkeler.

image whale diving on diver

As awesome as this is, it could have been a horrible experience for one snorkeler. 

A few snorkelers in Australia had a very close encounter with a female whale and her calf. Some could easily say that it's a bit too close for comfort. 

The snorkelers were diving off of Double Island Point in Queensland when someone on their boat spotted whales breaching nearby.

"As soon as we saw the whales had a calf we immediately tried to get as far as possible knowing from previous experience that it's best to keep your distance when whales have calfs because they're so unpredictable," one of the snorkelers wrote on YouTube.

However, the whales came straight for them, and the result was a pretty amazing experience.

Luckily, no one was injured and the snorkeler lived to tell the tale.

Please note: Contains foul language.

Have you ever seen something special while diving or snorkeling?

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