Video of pub manager dancing in just his Speedo goes viral

Video of pub manager dancing in just his Speedo goes viral

A video of a man dancing while wearing only his Speedo has gone viral, and for all the right reasons – it will cause you to loosen up a bit and dance a little.

Dancing man

Assistant pub manager Nathan Swift has got moves for days, and his dance to Justin Timberlake's “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is seriously making all of us want to leave what we doing and join in the fun.

His video was reportedly inspired by people mistaking him for the guy in The Lad Bible’s video that went viral last week, showing a man dancing by a swimming pool to music wearing just his trunks.

“It all started out as just a bit of fun after we posted the video on the pub’s Facebook page and everyone kept asking if the Speedo-clad dancer was Swifty. Being a big Facebook user himself, Swifty thought it would be a laugh to put the rumours to bed by doing his own version of the dance, wearing not very much at all in the pub garden, if he got 500 likes. A popular face behind the bar here in the pub, and well-known in Thame where he was born and bred, he soon got them, and off he stripped. As soon as the post went live it went nuts, we were getting a thousand more views every five minutes and people were talking about it right across town. I even met a regular from Wheatley who said his mate in Newcastle had seen it! It’s been the biggest post we’ve ever had as a company,” Landlord Tom Goldsmith of James Figg pub was quoted as saying in the video description.

Will Justin Timberlake feature this guy in his next music video? We sure hope so.

Below is the video.

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