Watch as man takes on massive python

Watch as man takes on massive python

This is definitely not something you will ever see us doing! 

Untitled snake wrestle

Snakes are some of the most feared creatures in the world. Some are kept as pets, but most are left alone in the wild where they belong. 

However, there are those who like to get a bit too close with snakes double their length. Snake hunter Dustin Crum managed to catch and wrestle a 16-foot (roughly 5 meters) female python to the ground with his bare hands. 

In the video one can see how Crum spots the snake and approaches with caution. Even though pythons are constrictors and do not carry any venom, they are some of the most powerful snakes and can crush a human within minutes. Crum manages to leap onto the snake and grabs hold of its head while it tries to slither away. 

The intense footage was captured on camera and we must say, it's quite a battle. 

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