Watch: Morgan Freeman's voice will soon be directing you around traffic

Watch: Morgan Freeman's voice will soon be directing you around traffic

In a world where Morgan Freeman has played God, you'll now be able to have that 'voice of God' direct you around traffic, thanks to Waze - a Google navigation app. 

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has just added another title to his array of talents; he is now a navigation voice.

Having narrated countless documentaries, feature films and commercials, it is not surprising that Freeman was chosen as the latest celebrity voice to be added to the Waze navigation app.

Business Insider reports that this fun feature will be available for a limited period and that Freeman will also not be paid for this. It is all part of marketing for his new movie "London Has Fallen", scheduled for release on March 4th.

Wait - there's more. Freeman will address you as if you are the President of the United States of America while you navigate your way through your city. The reason? Freeman's role in the movie is that of the Vice-President of the US.

Imagine that 'turn left into Corlett Drive, Mr President', in Freeman's voice - how's that for gravitas?  

"Yes, it’s true. Morgan Freeman, star of the upcoming film London Has Fallen, will now be directing you through traffic as Vice President Trumbull. Far and away one of the most requested voices by Wazers, US drivers will now be able to have Mr. Freeman as their new executive co-pilot," Waze said in a statement on its blog. 

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