We will never be as cool as this boy on a jumping castle

We will never be as cool as this boy on a jumping castle

There is no doubt that this little guy has swag for days!

Untitled boy on castle image

If there is one thing that we love, it has to be videos of children who ooze swag. 

There are many videos on the internet that show kids trying to be adults or a lot more mature than they're supposed to be. This is exactly the case this time around too. 

A toddler was filmed on a jumping castle while at a party, jumping in the most bizarre way. In the video you can see the young boy standing on the jumping castle with his hands in his pockets, lightly bouncing. With his hair combed, his cardigan all buttoned up, the boy casually looks at the camera and peacefully jumps. 

Admit you are trying to picture this in your mind right now? Purely because it is unheard of, right?! Children are usually excited and full of energy, bouncing from side to side when it comes to being on a jumping castle. Well, this was not the case with this little guy.

This is almost too good to be true? You have to watch this!

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