Weird things children believe about food

Weird things children believe about food

When it comes to food, kids believe the weirdest things - like chocolate grows in perfect squares on trees.

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A recent survey, using over 2,000 primary school children, has revealed that most children don’t even know what is in the foods that they eat.

“Parsnips grow on trees, pears grow in pairs and peas aren’t from pods”, those are just some of the weird things children believe, the survey found. According to Mirror, 21% of the children said they aren’t aware that butter comes from an animal, while 23% said having an egg allergy does not mean you can’t eat eggs if they are scrambled or in an omelette, or even that being allergic to nuts means you can still have peanut butter.

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“These statistics show the reality of how little our children know about allergies and food ingredients. It is so important that children learn about where their food comes from and different dietary requirements from a young age, and it’s equally important they are aware of the symptoms associated with different food allergies,” Founder of Genius Gluten Free, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, told the publication.

Below are other weird things that children believe about food.

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