What is the best way to catch a mouse?

What is the best way to catch a mouse?

A Jacaranda FM listener sent us this short video of her housemate trying to catch a mouse using nothing but a dustpan - and it is hilarious!

mouse in hands

After struggling for weeks to catch a mouse that wandered into their home, trying without success to get the rodent to ingest poison, Lindi Kotze and her fiance decided to get physical with their unwanted house guest. 

Kotze shared a video of her fiance climbing up onto furniture and trying to hit the mouse - with a dustpan, of all things!

The clever mouse gave him quite the run around and while the battle for territory continued, Kotze laughed so hard that she "wet her pants three times".

There is no word on whether they managed to get the mouse out of their home, but this video is sure to set you laughing as well.

But what do you think: what is the best way to catch a mouse?

Image: Rudolf Jakkel

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