Wisconsin fast food-obsessed man eats 30 000th Big Mac

Wisconsin fast food-obsessed man eats 30,000th Big Mac

Don Gorske from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin has been documenting his love affair with the flagship burger at McDonald's since the early 70s, and has even earned himself a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. 

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Wisconsin resident Don Gorske has been a McDonald's devotee since 1972. Not content with occasionally visiting the popular fast food chain to satisfy the odd craving, Don has taken it upon himself to eat at least one Big Mac every single day of his life. 

If you are concerned that Don might get tired of the taste of a Big Mac, take comfort in the fact that Don's taste buds "have fluctuated in sensitivity since he was born", meaning that he hardly ever tastes what he eats.  

Don, who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, has collected and kept the receipts and styrofoam containers of almost every Big Mac he has eaten. 

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On 24 August 2016, Don entered the Guinness Book of Records as the record-holder for "Most Big Macs consumed".

According to local news reports, Don ate his 30,000th Big Mac on 4 May at 15:30 at the same McDonald's in Fond du Lac where he had his very first bite of the iconic burger. 

Don drinks mostly Coca-Cola and rarely eats the fries that come with the burger.

Despite this odd diet, Don maintains that his medical check-ups don't reveal any problems

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