A bull ran loose on the New York streets

Workzone with Barney: A bull ran loose on the New York streets

A bull in Sunset Park got loose and ran through the streets of New York for hours.

menacing brooklyn cow

Residents of the Prospect Park area in Brooklyn, New York had quite a shock on Tuesday when they witnessed a bull charging through the city streets. 

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Mashable reports that the bull escaped from a slaughterhouse. This is apparently not the first time that animals in the city have run away from being slaughtered. 

The bull knocked over a pram while it was on the run, injuring the child inside.

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The bull ran towards a sports field, and stood there for hours while police tried to trap it in between some goal posts, according to Slate.com.

After an hours-long standoff with the police, the bull was recaptured. 

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