This is the one dog in the world that isn't loyal

Workzone with Barney: This is the one dog in the world that isn't loyal

"No matter whose idea it was for us to cause some trouble, if we get caught you are on your own."

this dog is a snitch

Dogs are known for being loyal to their owners. If you need them, they are there, and they always know how to make you feel better. 

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But are dogs as loyal to each other, as they are to humans? This dog in China showed his companion and his owner that loyalty does not mean anything when consequences loom on the horizon:

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The woman whose shoe has been chewed demands to know which of her furry housemates did it, and it is clear that one of her dogs is more concerned with self-preservation than the other. He doesn't hesitate to point to his friend as the culprit!

Will these two dogs still be able to get along after this great betrayal?

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