Would you let your dog pick your make-up?

Would you let your dog pick your make-up?

Pets may not be able to wear make-up themselves, but that doesn't mean they don't have good taste!

kathleen dog makeup
This terrier takes make-up very seriously./Screenshot/YouTube/KathleenLights

The newest pet craze includes bonding with your cats and dogs over something unusual: make-up routines.

YouTube beauty gurus have started asking their loyal four-legged friends to help them pick make-up looks that take their style to the next level. Dogs and cats may not be able to wear make-up on their own faces, but they certainly do have strong opinions about what their owners should look like. 

But how does a pet, who can't talk and doesn't have opposble thumbs, have its say about a beauty look? By pointing its snout at eyeshadows and foundations, of course. 

YouTube content creator Jenna Marbles has one of the most popular "dog picks my make-up" videos - and she even drew some new eyebrows on her dog's face!

The dog takes its task very seriously, pausing for a few moments before making a decision about which blush or eyeshadow Jenna should use. 

After all, it is the duty of a family pet to keep its owners best interests at heart.

The challenge has received mostly positive reviews, with only a few people missing the magic of mixing make-up with pet playtime. 

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Would you ever leave your make-up look up to your dog?

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