Would you wear this ugly Windows 95 jersey?

Would you wear this ugly Windows 95 jersey?

Windows has designed a jersey inspired by their mid-1990s logo. Would you wear it?

windows jersey

We're in the grips of pop culture nostalgia and that means all sorts of foods, toys, TV shows and clothing from the 1980s and 1990s are making a comeback. 
The latest throwback comes in the form of a cosy jersey designed to look like Bill Gates' groundbreaking computer programme, Windows 95.

Windows caused a stir on Twitter by offering the jersey, which looks so incredibly warm and soft on the model, to "lucky fans". People looking to keep a little piece of their childhood - or any revered pop culture item from a previous generation - for themselves were excited to find out how exactly they could get their hands on the jersey. 

The idea of wearing an ugly sweater unironically is akin to social suicide for many young people, but the responses to the tweet from Windows show that many will do almost anything in the name of nostalgia. 

Some wondered just ho w closely the jersey would be related to the programme it took its inspiration from. 

But most were just so excited that something like this exists.

Would you go as far as wearing your nostalgia on your back?

Image: Windows

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