Young boy hangs by his neck on a Ferris wheel in China
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Young boy hangs by his neck on a Ferris wheel in China

A five-year-old boy had to be rescued after a Ferris wheel ride went horribly wrong at China's Yuhuan Park. 

boy hangs from ferris wheel
The young boy dangled helplessly from the Ferris wheel./Facebook

Yuhuan Park in Zhejiang province, China boasts a 130-foot high (nearly 40 metres) Ferris wheel. People of all ages who visit the amusement park frequent the tall spinning wheel - even very young children, who need only be accompanied by an adult to enjoy the ride. 

A mother named Liu, not wanting to go on the Ferris wheel herself but wanting to give her son what he had been asking for, allowed her five-year-old to climb into one of the Ferris wheel cabins all by himself. What was meant to be a fun adventure nearly ended in disaster. 

As the ride took off, the boy apparently attempted to climb out of the cabin. He emerged feet first through the bars and ended up hanging his lower body out of the cabin while the wheel continued to spin. When those on the ground noticed what was happening they could only scream in terror, as the ride could not be stopped. 

The ride was allowed to continue its revolution and the boy's mother waited on the ground as operators rushed up to the cabin the boy was in as it descended. Fortunately, they were able to extract the boy from the bars. 

He suffered minor bruises to his neck, for which he was treated at First People's Hospital. 

There is no confirmation of the reasons Yuhuan Park staff allowed such a small child onto the dangerous ride by himself. The incident is currently under investigation

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