Alison Botha shares her traumatic story with us

Alison Botha shares her traumatic story with us

Alison Botha talks to Martin about her book and movie and the horrific events that took place in 1994. 

Alison Botha
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Alison Botha survived a brutal attack in 1994 in which she was raped, stabbed in the abdomen 37 times, disemboweled and her throat slashed 16 times. 

Alison is a renowned International inspirational speaker. She has the kind of courage that is unrelenting, it allowed her to turn a horrific event into something that inspires anyone that hears her story. 

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In December 1994, Alison was abducted outside her home by two men who raped, stabbed and disemboweled her, finally slashing her throat 16 times to make sure she was dead. No-one could have believed that anyone with such severe injuries could live but, miraculously, she did. 

In this interview, she tells us about her experience in the courtroom, during the trial and what she felt in those moments. She talks about having to accept that this happened to her and the importance of sharing her experience because it would be selfish not to. 

If you're looking for something life changing to read, her book is called "I have Life" and it's available at most book stores. 

Listen to her interview below. Her strength and courage will change your life. 

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