'More needs to be done to help anti-abuse organisations'
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'More needs to be done to help anti-abuse organisations'

The founder of the Transform Education About Rape and Sexual Abuse (TEARS) Foundation, Mara Glennie says the country's shocking rape statistics should be of concern to all South Africans. 

Mara Glennie

South Africa is notorious for its high levels of rape, although the true extent of the scourge is unknown. 

The country is currently commemorating 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children, a campaign many feel pays mere lip service to the fight against gender-based violence. 

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Glennie says more needs to be done to assist organisations involved in the fight against rape and abuse.


"One of my greatest sadnesses is that I see organisations like mine closing down all around the country because of lack of funding. My great sadness is that I worked for 5 nearly 6 years without remuneration and that's pretty tough. I think organisations and companies should put money aside to help rape and abuse victims." 


Glennie gave up her job in the corporate sector to run the TEARS Foundation after she became a victim of abuse. 


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