WATCH: Best of Good Morning Angels 2018

WATCH: Best of Good Morning Angels 2018

The Good Morning Angels team with Martin Bester changed the lives of many in 2018 - we recap some of the best GMA moments.

Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Marie from Danville
Good Morning Angels Festive Edition: Marie from Danville/Facebook

It might have been a difficult 2018 for many but the Good Morning Angels team brought some light, trying tho help those in need.

Here's a list of our favourite Good Morning Angels moments fro 2018:

  1. Lordwick’s dustbin-digging days are over

The story of 20-year old student, Lordwick Kgatle, had us all in tears and awe. Lordwick funded most of his first year tertiary tuition fees by digging in dustbins for recycling materials, working in gardens, and cutting hair. Despite all his hard work, he was R8,000 short for 2018 and at risk of not being allowed access to write his final two exams to finish the year.

2. Giving a home to two teens who lost their mom

Single mother-of-two, Tanya, put up a brave fight for two long years, however, she passed away this year. The girls used to stay with family friends, Jacques and Mianca Els, when Tanya was in hospital, but this time, they could not go home again and they are still living with the Els family.

Their grandmother, Marietjie, has sold everything and given up her job in Cape Town to relocate to Pretoria to care for the girls. She, however, still does not have a home or a job and it will be a while still for her to be in a position to take the girls in.While the grown-ups are getting settled, Verné and Mika have to pick up the pieces after their loss and carry on with school and life without their mom.

3. Former Banyana Banyana star given second chance

Ruth “Troublemaker” Luthuli represented South Africa in three Africa Cup of Nations tournaments, but since 2011 her life has been a living hell. Ruth noticed a swelling on the left side of her face and went to her local clinic for a check-up. She was told it was probably an abscess in her upper jaw, she was prescribed antibiotics and sent home.

The swelling did not go away - in fact, it became worse and grew into an enormous growth.She went to three different hospitals for diagnosis and treatment. The Albert Luthuli Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal did scans, and she was finally diagnosed with an Adenocarcinoma - or type of glandular cancer.  

She received chemotherapy at the state hospital - however, it’s known that this kind of a cancerous tumour does not respond to chemo.

4. Helping parents after tragically losing their seven-year-old son

Charlene and Jan Kotzé have suffered the worst loss a parent ever could. Their 7-year old son, CJ died in hospital in Randfontein, on 12 January this year. Jan and Charlene live with Jan’s mom, as they sold most of what they had to pay for CJ’s medical treatment. 

It started on New Years’ day last year. CJ was having fun with family and friends on the jumping castle when he passed out. His face turned blue and they rushed him to a hospital - where he stayed in ICU for more than a week: he had a heart attack.

After he returned home, CJ received therapy and recovered well. It was established that CJ was suffering from a genetic disorder, LQTS syndrome, a condition that he was born with.

On Christmas Day last year, it happened again: CJ collapsed and again was rushed to hospital while Jan did CPR.

There was no space in a State facility and again CJ was admitted to a private hospital.

This time however, he did not go home.

On 12 January 2018, Charlene and Jan had to make the difficult decision to switch off the machines that were keeping their 7-year old son alive … he was gone less than an hour later.

Amid the devastating loss of their son, they also have to cope with the financial debt, after doing their best they could … they still owe R500 000,00 to various health service providers.

5. Liesl Laurie helps seven matric farewell dreams come true

The matric final exams are in full swing, with the focus firmly on achieving the best results for that all-important matric certificate. For seven matriculants from Eldoradopark, however, the end of the final exams also meant the end of their school journey, without a farewell. 

All seven girls have risen above challenges in their home lives to achieve academic success - some of them have their eyes set on straight A’s and university studies next year. One of them has her five-month-old baby boy to care for in between studying and exam sessions. All seven girls have dreams of a better future for themselves and their families. They’ve however stopped dreaming of that one special school night, the matric farewell ball, which is scheduled for 11 December, after the final paper has been written. 

The Good Morning Angels teamed up with former Miss SA, Liesl Laurie and the best in the business of fashion, hair, and make-up to give these girls a surprise they didn’t expect. 

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