Are you guilty of bribing your children?

Are you guilty of bribing your children?

Do you have a few sneaky tricks up your sleeve that you use when it comes to getting your children to do the things you need them to?

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Most probably you do, but it's okay... 

These days, it can be a mammoth task to get your children to help around the house, clean their room or even get them to complete their homework. 

Nevertheless, it needs to be done. But how far are you willing to go to get them to obey your commands? 

You may call it rewarding, but in actually fact, it's bribery. Yip, giving your little Johnny or Sally some money or a sweet treat in exchange for something as simple as cleaning up after themselves is a form of bribery - but we totally understand why you do it. 

Martin and Tumi managed to get some children to spill the secrets as to what their parents have bribed them with before:

A few listeners also shared their thoughts on Facebook:

Are you a parent who is guilty of bribing your kids?

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