Jo Black performs 'Skepe' on #FridayLive!

Jo Black performs 'Skepe' on #FridayLive!

The #JacaBreakfast team were in awe of Jo Black's incredible performance!

Jo Black image rocking friday live

Jo Black has become one of the most celebrated artists in the country. 

With popular hits such as 'Skepe' as well as 'Bring Die Hoop Weer Terug', Black has cemented himself within the industry and this is only the beginning of the success to come. 

His hit single, 'Skepe', has managed to rack up over 1,4 million views on YouTube.

More so, his album has also reached platinum status, selling more than 30,000 copies nationwide. We awarded the musician with his plaque. 

However, before he gave us his performance of his hit, 'Skepe', he played a prank on our listeners. Martin and Jo went head-to-head in the 'Big Beard Challenge' and whoever lost the challenge would have to shave off their beard. 

Unfortunately, Jo lost the challenge and therefore had to shave off his beard. 

Luckily, it was all in the name of fun. What a champ! 

He joined us for #FridayLive and gave an incredible live performance of his massive hit, 'Skepe'. 

If you would like to download the live performance, you can below:

Sjoe! We have goosebumps! 

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