Martin and Tumi face the truth in 'Spill or Fill your Guts'

Martin and Tumi face the truth in 'Spill or Fill your Guts'

Have you ever been faced with a really tough question that would rather see you devour something gross than answer it?

martin and tumi spill or fill your guts image

Well, Martin and Tumi had no choice but to go the gross route.

Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake challenged each other to a round of 'Spill or Fill your Guts'.

Each participant is given the opportunity to place a food item of their choice in front of their competitor. A set of questions is given to each without them having seen them before. One by one they ask each other the extremely tough questions and if they refuse to answer, they need to eat whatever has been placed in front of them. 

image eating options spill or fill your guts

It may sound easy at first, but when you are faced with boiled cow tongue, raw fish or dog food, you would rather attempt to answer the really tough question. 

However, there are those questions that are REALLY tough... 

Are you brave enough to play the game?

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