Martin and Tumi get wordy in 'Alphabeticall'

Martin and Tumi get wordy in 'Alphabeticall'

Martin and Tumi test their ad-libbing, as well as their alphabet skills, in a round of 'Alphabeticall'.

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Do you know your A, B, Cs?

Well, 'Alphabeticall' will not only put that to the test, but will also check how quick you are on your feet during conversations. 

Imagine if you had to start every reply during a conversation with the next letter of the alphabet? With 26 letters of the alphabet, it may seem easy at first, but it's not...

We put Martin's quick-thinking to the test and called up a local bottle store. It seems like Martin is planning a party...

Tumi Morake also challenged herself and called up a local dress-up hire shop. Her skills were put to the test in this hilarious round of 'Alphabeticall'. 

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