Martin and Tumi want to know: Should children own cellphones?

Martin and Tumi want to know: Should children own cellphones?

Should young children be allowed to own a mobile phone?

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These days, it's difficult to picture anyone, young or old, without a mobile device. 

Mobile phones have somewhat become synonymous with life. People across the world own devices and use them on a daily basis.

However, at what age should children be allowed phones? What is too young and at what age are children responsible enough to be trusted with a mobile device?

Martin and Tumi posed the question to a few children and their parents.

Take a listen below:

If your child has been up to no good and you're suspecting some 'naughty' behaviour, there's an app that can assist you. 

'Gallery Guardian' is an app that can help you navigate those murky waters by scanning your kid's phone for any potentially sexual content. You can download it from your App Store or Google Play Store. 

It uses AI image recognition to detect images on a child’s device that may contain nudity. If it spots something fishy, whether your kid created it or received it, it sends you a real-time alert. It’s a way to monitor what your teen is up to without actually having to have their device in hand.

You'll thank us later...

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