Martin Bester and Liesl Laurie embrace the change

Martin Bester and Liesl Laurie embrace the change

Ever just felt like you need a new look to spice things up?

IMG_20170728_070321 liesl martin chnage image

Well, Martin and Liesl are here for change! 

After singer Lloyd Cele's recent image of his hair went viral for all the wrong reasons, we called the muso up to hear about his inspiration behind the change. 

He shut the hate he received on Twitter down and embraced his change and challenged everyone listening to go out and be daring. 

That was more than enough to get Liesl Laurie involved. She ditched her braids and went all-natural for a stunning new look. 

It seems like everyone loves the new look!

If you've been following our @JacaBreakfast account on Twitter, you would have seen that Martin Bester has been growing his beard for some time now. 

What do you think of Martin's new look? 

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